My Reviews

“Whenever I’ve received feedback, It is an opportunity to feel what is being shared and integrate it into my improvement!”

Almas Hakeem Sami’

Take a look at a few of the reviews of my work!

Rarely, I said RARELY am I impressed by healing modalities. This young man has mad talent! Akeem Sami has been a friend for several years and recently got his masseuse license. He is also a shamanic practitioner. I had a specific goal in mind last night to release some ancestral patterning showing up in my life. I opted to first release the energetic patterning in the cellular structure of the musculature and then to have a shamanic session immediately following. RARELY do I put my name on another human being by recommending them. This is one I have no problem doing that with or for. If you would like to hear about my experience in a more private forum, please PM me and I will share my experience. Thank you most humble servant……I am sold!

Renee Oglesbee

Akeem is amazingly skilled as a masseuse. He is very in tune to your body and the areas that need work. After each session, I feel relaxed, healed and leave with a buoyancy of spirit. I recommend him to all of my friends and look forward to each session.

Amanda King

Akeem has a sixth sense for where muscles are tight and constricted and goes right to it in a way that opens up the muscles gracefully. Excellent massage!

Kerri Hummingbird

Oh! This massage was so transformational. In that it was a massage And he facilitated me in moving stagnant energy that was no longer serving me. In the weeks and months to come things started flowing even more from when I first stood up from the massage table with everything in view appearing brighter and continues to My Aha! Moments even now — I was so relaxed and happy! What a Caring and Gifted person Akeem is. Definitely a True Gift to humanity. Thank You! Thank You! and Thank You!

W Sam

I’ve appreciated many massages from Akeem over the last couple of years and I’m so grateful to have found benefits from his sessions to be so much more than just body work: he’s a talented energy practitioner, intuitive and martial artist. While many massage practitioners follow a standard routine for simply massaging the body, Akeem’s practice begins with an initial phase of “listening” that results in his focus on treating specific areas that are “calling out” for attention. Many times, he has found knots and issues that I didn’t even realize were there but as soon as he started working on it, the tissue responded and peace and relaxation followed. Akeem is very intuitive but also has extraordinary verbal communication skills, so there are no surprises and I consistently feel listened to, my issues addressed and appreciate confirmation of what and how he’s addressed them. Often, it is his thorough communication that brings additional awareness of benefits I hadn’t previously realized as he asks questions that help me to tune into what’s really happening with my body so that I can appreciate the treatment more and also benefit more as my body awareness increases. In a place like Austin, one has many choices for massage, but Akeem is my top choice because of his commitment to his client relationships, excellence in practice and thoroughness of work. You cannot go wrong with a session with Akeem but most likely you’ll be hooked and want to book regular sessions to keep the energy flowing!

Grace Gravestock

Mr. Sami performed a wonderful massage on me, very professional with great draping techniques. He asked before starting about areas that needed attention and check throughout the massage as to my comfort and if pressure was ok. I am recommending him to all my friends.

Diane Venable

I’ve been working with Akeem for about 3 years now, off and on. He’s an exceptional practitioner because he incorporates so many modalities and practices (martial arts, breathing, massage, stretching, somatic practices etc.) into his work, which translates into physical results for his clients.

Recently, I had perhaps the most profound session as he helped me release some significant resistance that was showing up in my body as intense bundled stress in my right hip area. As he gently worked WITH my body to “listen” to what it was expressing, and help release old “stuff”, he said “I feel like something is trying to hold on to you here” and in that exact second, I had already visualized a hand trying to grasp onto me, which together we were able to release, along with the tension and pain.

In addition to the benefits of each individual session, Akeem often responds to my questions with advice and suggestions that I find myself implementing both in the moment and into my daily practices that help me get out of my head and into my physical body. So grateful for his unique skillset and kind-hearted, extremely intuitive approach.

Helen H.

Akeem is Amazing with his energy work and trauma release! This isn’t just a massage, this is a whole body trauma release therapy. I was brought up to ignore my body and I knew trauma is stored in the body but I had no idea how important body work was until I worked with Akeem. I’m also so Grateful for his gentility and ability to stretch what is tight without causing pain or damage!

Bonny L.