Welcome to Sami Arts & Wellness of Austin, Tx Area!!

Welcome to a pathway to a better more nurturing way to be. Where a positive way of living waits for you. Let’s activate your most positive natural way of being today!

What you’ll experience in massage with me (In all types) is… THE BEST MASSAGE YOU’VE EVER HAD!!! (interjected from my wife the “massage connoisseur.”) See the bottom of the page for testimonials!

Swedish (60 mins minimum)From $70

Swedish massage includes flowy, fluid-like movement intended to enhance circulation as well as flush out toxins in the body.

Deep tissue (60 mins minimum)From $70

Deep tissue massage is intended to find key points of discontent both known and not known to the receiver. Akeem lengthens supporting muscles connecting to these points of discomfort and works inward to clear tightness, blockages and get the blood flowing through all muscle areas of the body.

Sports Massage (60 mins minimum)From $70

This type of massage emphasizes stretching and lengthening major muscle groups in the body such as legs, chest, back, arms, and feet. this massage can be very helpful for getting back in shape for an event or just normal upkeep of the body.

Orthopedic therapy 30-minute minimum From $45. Usually combined with Deep Tissue or Swedish

This type of therapy is customized for each person to restore mobility in the key places in the body i.e Arm, Leg, shoulder, etc. Includes a mobility assessment.

Trigger Point Therapy (30 mins minimum)From $45

This type of therapy is centered similar to Deep tissue massage and orthopedic approaches but primarily focused on areas of muscle pain from old traumas or blockages.

A bit about Me…

I am a Massage Therapist/Energy Healer with a background in Martial Arts! This pathway started for me from the crib. My Dad was learning Xingyi Gong Fu from a fellow Air force Base Cop friend who was a Sifu at Lackland AFB, San Antonio, Texas area. From the beginning, I have been trained on how to use body mechanics for self-defense. Over time, I joined a formal Martial Arts class. Within 2 years, I realized how important life development is with a positive mind and a fervent spirit! I became Black Belt, began working in the community being a mentor for youth and assistant instructor for 10 years under my old Master. My fellow black belts over time learned my sensibility from the ring, effectiveness at disarming conflict, and innate ability to empathetically sense pain points in the body. Years later after becoming a father, and a husband, I received a powerful awakening message through a series of challenging events in my life. That led me to start helping others heal from their traumas in their body, in their spirit, and the mindsets that lead to more trauma rather than internal love and wellness!

Massage is a tool you can use for enhanced connection to your body, while helping to quiet your mind and restoring the happy endorphins thoughout!”

Almas Hakeem Sami’

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Like to chat with me about how I can help you clear pain and restore health and wellness in the body? Ready to take the next step in your journey for self-development by learning more about how to be even more aligned to your best self? A parent getting back in touch with self-care to be an even better parent/loved one for your family?

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